General questions
What is Proun?
Proun is a strange racing game in a world of geometric objects and large coloured surfaces. You avoid obstacles by rotating around a cable in order to gain as much speed as possible. There is no up or down; there is only the cable to which you are attached.

What does Pay what you want mean?
It means that you can set your own price for Proun! You have to pay at least $1, but if you think the game is worth more and/or can spare some more, then please choose a higher price!

Why is Proun released as Pay what you want?
Because it is a very fair way to pay for something, and because I want as many people as possible to enjoy Proun. At the same time, I hope people who like Proun will support me in making more games! Some of my next projects are really weird, so some support to get those started would be awesome!

What features does Proun have?
-4 unlockable speeds, from relaxed to insanely fast
-2-4 player splitscreen
-Joystick support
-Online highscores
-Championship mode
-Race against ghosts of all your previous times
-3 regular tracks, 1 unlockable bonus track, and 1 bonus track
-Highly moddable: tools and documentation to create your own levels are included with the game -Seven additional user tracks already downloadable!

What are the minimum system requirements for Proun?
A PC with Windows XP, Vista or 7. Proun will run on almost any computer from the last six years. Here is a breakdown per videocard brand: How long does the download link for the paid version work?
The download link will work for one week, then it will deactivate. It will also deactivate after seven downloads. If you bought the game and loose the installer, or are having trouble downloading the game within a week, just send me an e-mail and I will reactivate the link for you. My e-mail address is

Why do I need to fill in my personal information to buy Proun?
The shop system is not managed by me, but by Fastspring. They require this information for their shop to verify credit card transactions. They don't want to remove those fields, not even for people who pay using Paypal. I'm sorry, but I cannot change this myself...

Who made Proun?
Proun has been created by Joost van Dongen (also knows as Oogst). The sound effects and music were made by Arno Landsbergen (also known as Ammo), on the basis of song compositions by Joost.

Why did you make Proun?
Because I love the concept too much to not make it, because creating stuff is awesome fun and because I am an insane workaholic.

Who is Joost van Dongen?
I am lead programmer and co-founder of Ronimo Games, the indie game studio that is known for Awesomenauts, Swords & Soldiers and De Blob. Proun, however, is a solo project that I have been created in my spare time.

Where can I hear more music by Arno?
Arno made an album called Dirty Rock, which you can download for free!

How do I make my own tracks?
To make your own tracks, you need 3D Studio MAX, plus the Proun tools. To read how to use the Proun tools, have a look in the folder where you installed Proun. There is a folder called Exporter there, which contains a file called Proun level editing tutorial.pdf. This contains enough info to get you going (assuming you know how to use 3D Studio MAX, of course). If you have any additional questions or issues, feel free to post them in the Proun forums!

I made a new track, how do I share it with other players?
Awesome, I'd love to try it and I am sure a lot of others would as well! Just post your track in the Proun forums! If your track is finished enough, I will also put it in the User Tracks part of this website, so that more people can play it!

What has Proun been developed in?
Proun is programmed in C++ in Visual Studio. Ogre 3D was used as the graphics engine. Tracks were designed in 3D Studio MAX, using custom plugins. These plugins come with the game, so you can make your own tracks as well! Textures and 2D artwork were made in Photoshop.

Where can I read more about Proun?
Throughout development I have written about making Proun on my development blog, resulting in lots of (hopefully) interesting bits about why I made certain choices and how I designed certain effects.

Where can I get the latest patch for Proun?
You can always find the latest patch in this forum topic.

I have trouble with the payment system, what should I do?
Send me an email and I will try to fix it! My mail is

My download link deactivated, can you reactivate it?
Send me an email and I will reactivate it! My mail is Be sure to provide some info for me to find your order: preferably your order number, but giving the e-mail address you filled in on the form is also enough for me to find your order and reactivate it.

The game doesn't work on my computer, what should I do?
A couple of specific issues are discussed below. If that doesn't help, then please look in the Proun forums to see whether someone else encountered the same problem. If not, then please post your problem and I will try to help you!

I am getting this error: Cannot create D3D9 pixel shader Cg_DoF_SM3_64samples_FP from microcode
This specific problem should by fixed by patch v108, which you can find here on the Proun forums. If that does not fix it, then please post about your specific situation in this forum topic, so that I can gather more info and look for a solution.

I am getting this error: Cannot create device! in D3D9Device::createD3D9Device
This seems to be something that mostly happens on Intel videocards. Solutions to this issue differ from case to case. Here are some things to try: