Job openings and internships

Working at Galaxy Grove

Galaxy Grove is an inclusive game studio where everyone with a passion for making great games is welcome. We believe in helping each other get better at our craft, in learning new skills, and in a healthy work-life balance where overtime and crunch are avoided.

Job openings


We currently don’t have any internship openings. We’ll likely have new internship openings for the period starting February 2023. Check back around October 2022 to see which openings we’ll have. Those will likely be in the fields of game design, 3D art and/or Unreal programming.


Feel free to contact us through if you’re an expert in one of these fields:

  • UI/UX design
  • Lighting and rendering in Unreal
  • VFX and feedback effects in Unreal

We’re currently not looking for any other new freelancers to work with.

Further information

  • We don’t do “snuffelstages”.
  • We don’t do Summer internships.
  • Internships at Galaxy Grove are 4 or 5 months full-time at our office in Utrecht.
  • We usually have new internship openings every six months.
  • To apply, please send an email to

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